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England's oldest family of chimney sweeps, at your service.



Let us sweep out the soot in your chimney, helping you maintain a clean and smokeless fireplace.

Bust the dust

Fix the flue

Beat the bird

Sweep the soot

Keep your home clean with Pearce Chimney Sweeps. Our modern, high performance, multi filtered vacuum cleaners will guarantee that all debris and dust are contained and removed.

Pearce Chimney Sweeps can repair and replace any part of your chimney to the highest standards. You can also be sure to get a quality chimney pot installation service from our experienced team.

Do you want to know how to stop the birds blocking your chimney? Pearce Chimney Sweeps can recommend and install the best bird guards as well as offering effective and efficient nest removal.

Combining traditional knowledge with state of the art tools and equipment, you are guaranteed rapid and effective chimney blockage clearance and cleaning with our professionals.

With all the necessary NACS certificates, you can relax while any chimney maintenance will be completed by our team quickly, thoroughly and to the highest of safety standards.

Who will be sweeping your chimney? Chimney care Support your stack

From chimney pot fitting to flue removal, we will install any part your chimney requires.